Ancient Hero Bravery & Ancient Hero Wisdom List Update

รายการ Option อาวุธปกติ / Not For Sale Patent Series
Royal Bow Saint Mace Patent Royal Bow Patent Saint Mace
Narcissus Bow Ray Knuckle Patent Narcissus Bow Patent Ray Knuckle
Shadow Staff Blade Katar Patent Shadow Staff Patent Blade Katar
Iron Nail Fatalist Patent Iron Nail Patent Fatalist
Madogum Scarlet Dragon Leather Bow Patent Madogum Patent Scarlet Dragon Leather Bow
Red Lotus Sword Blue Crystal Staff Patent Red Lotus Sword Patent Blue Crystal Staff
Avenger Chilling Cane Patent Avenger Patent Chilling Cane
Aeon Staff One Sky One Sun Patent Aeon Staff Patent One Sky One Sun
Oriental Sword Spirit Pendulum Patent Oriental Sword Patent Spirit Pendulum
Aquatic Spear Meowmeow Foxtail Patent Aquatic Spear Patent Meowmeow Foxtail
Exorcist’s Bible Master Soul Rifle Patent Exorcist’s Bible Patent Master Soul Rifle
Shiver Katar Crimson Rose Patent Shiver Katar Patent Crimson Rose
Dragonic Slayer Demon Slayer Shot Patent Dragonic Slayer Patent Demon Slayer Shot
Meteor Striker Golden Lord Launcher Patent Meteor Striker Patent Golden Lord Launcher
Light Blade The Black Patent Light Blade Patent The Black
Slate Sword Kiri no Tsuyu Patent Slate Sword Patent Kiri no Tsuyu
Trumpet Shell Huuma Shuriken Clearness Patent Trumpet Shell Patent Huuma Shuriken Clearness
Barbed Wire Whip K Freedom Stick Patent Barbed Wire Whip Patent Freedom Stick
Blessed Knife Patent Blessed Knife

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